But then there is always those bits that is also nice, but that is perhaps already released, or falls in between a business card or a 3"CDR, but is nevertheless nice to get. I don't like MP3 releases, so I put them up as a free FLAC. Usually live things or unreleased compilation pieces.



004 Freiband - A Short Search


In October 2009 I got in contact with Monique van der Mije, who was looking for some music for a short film, her graduation project. Largely based on various Moll releases I made this small piece. Here



004 Freiband - Wandering

So I prepared two entirely different things for my concert supporting Z'EV/KK Null at Occi last thursday. One noisy and one more quiet, to be decided on the day it sell what it would be. The audience turned out to be quiet to get this thing, which is essentially a another version of a concert I did in Antwerpen in 2005 (and which was to be released as a 10" on Small Voices and on a CD by Beta Lactam-ring, both of which didn't happen yet). Quite a nice version, I'd say. Here


003 Frans de Waard - Tonspur

In 2005 the local film organisation Dziga asked me to compose a five minute piece which they would hand out to three different film makers to get a visual interpretation of. It was called 'Geluid Zoekt Beeld' - sound seeks image. An invitation made in heaven as far as I'm concerned. Then after that I mailed this piece to Sub Rosa to be part of their 'Noise Anthology' series and they said it would be part of the fifth volume, but much to my surprise it was not on it. So until it will be on the next volume, you can get it here for free.



002 Frans de Waard - Ouverture O Tannebaum

This short concert was especially composed for the opening of Pieter & Olivier's Berlin enterprise O Tannebaum. This is 'chant' to get good spirits to their club. This live recording includes the spoken word intro by me and a translation into Dutch by Jana. Its not the shortest concert I ever played, but somehow it was never released. Here it is There is a studio version, which you can find, along with two other unreleased pieces by me, here

001 Freiband - Spaarzaam

The second time I played 'Spaarzaam', following its premiere in 2007, was in Heerlen on February 6th 2009, when I also peformed as Frans de Waard. To mark a distinct difference between that and Freiband it seemed appropiate to play something like 'Spaarzaam' again, which was shorter than the first time and more tight, although the 3"CDR is really the ultimate version. Here it is