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0. Fees.
Right! Nobody likes fees of any kind, certainly not when it ends up in the coffers of some financial institution. So if you trust me enough not to rip you off, especially all my long serving customers, I'd like to ask you to choose 'send money to friend' option in paypal. I don't pay anything to paypal, which is nice. It no longer shows your address, so make sure to send me an e-mail with your most current address.
And of course Discogs; now if you see something over there that you’d like to order, you could order through Discogs. Better is to send me an e-mail and order it from me. I like Discogs, I understand they need to earn a buck too, but I’d like an extra buck too.

1. forthcoming concerts:

none forthcoming

2. The latest releases...:

Still haven’t seen this:
QST - 2023 is apparently available. I haven’t seen copies. If you don’t want to miss out then go to the website of Important Records

Modelbau’s Zender should be out in June

to be released somewhere in the near to a bit further away future:

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard LP
Frans de Waard - (writing about) music (1989-2014) (book)
Vital 1-44 (book with reprints of all issues of Vital, 1986-1995; expected early 2018)
Wander flexidisc by Pythagoras Records may not happen sadly enough
Modelbau/Orphax split (2018)
Asmus Tietchens & Frans de Waard - Oordeel (CD, Auf Abwegen, 2018)
Peter Johan Nijland & Richard Youngs & Frans de Waard collaborative work, November 2018 Moving Furniture Records
Modelbau - Wavelength cassette by Chaotic Tapes
Modelbau - Vanity cassette by Astipalea
Modelbau - Kick The Can CDR by Stront
Quest - (an) Exterior CD for Infraction Records
QST - tba CD for Carpe Sonum Records 2019
Modelbau - Zender CD for Antenna Non Grata
Modelbau - Ypsilon double CDR Zhelezobeton

Two new Quest CDs are more or less finished, if anybody who has a label is interested, tehn now is the time to get in contact
Richard Francis & Frans de Waard LP
Z'EV 7" mixed Peter Johan Nijland of Distel and Frans de Waard. Recordings made in December 2014 at Extrapool

3. Digital Music - keep checking for new titles (on some of them I keep adding new music as well as backcatalogue!)

none new

4.  and finally, this months items:

13949   vg   Katja Institute - Time Lag   3 CDR   private   Euro  8   

13950   vg   Novi_sad - International Internal Catastrophes   CD   private   Euro  6   

13951   vg   Mayuko Hino - Lunisolar   CD   Cold Spring Records   Euro  6   

13952   vg   Darkrad - Heart Murmer   CD   Audiophob   Euro  6   

13953   vg   Trio Sowari - Third Issue   CD   Mikroton   Euro  6   

13954   vg   Mick Sussman - The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator Vol. 1   CD   Sublunar Society   Euro  6   

13955   vg   Tom Hall - Spectra   CD   Elli Records   Euro  6   

13956   vg   Nonturn - Territory   CD   Audiobulb   Euro  5    package is a bit damaged   

13957   vg   Carl Ludwig Hübsch & Phil Minton - Metal Breath   CD   Inexhaustible Editions   Euro  6   

13958   vg   Gura - Caligura   CD   Consoulling Sounds   Euro  6   

13959   vg   Various Artists - Pavilion   CD   Mic   Euro  6    with: Galie Gricicute, Julijonas Urbonas, Arturas Bumsteinas, Darious Ciuta and others   

13960   vg   Adrian Shenton - The House That Jack Built   CDR   Phonospheric   Euro  4   

13961   vg   Owlbites - Live.Bites   CDR   Faux Amis    Euro  4   

13962   vg   Xu - Whisper My World   CDR   Eilean Records   Euro  5   

13963   vg   Ben Mcelroy - The Word Cricket Made Her Happy   CDR   Eilean Records   Euro  5   

13964   vg   Jliat - Deviant   CDR + book   private   Euro  5   

13965   vg   Russ Waterhouse - Amaro/Amari   Cassette   Gertrude Tapes   Euro  3   

13966   vg   Somnoroase Pasarele - Auto   Cassette   Ota Tapes   Euro  3   

13967   vg   Germ Class - Dimensions Of Value   Cassette   Ota Tapes   Euro  3   

13968   vg   Yama-No-Kami - Kakusareta   Cassette   Ota Tapes   Euro  3   

13969   vg   Sparkle In Grey - The Bones Of Quietness   Cassette   private   Euro  3,5   

13970   vg   Troy Schafer - The Mailman   Cassette   (1.) sec Records   Euro  3   

13971   vg   Steve Roden - Under The Silent Blue Shadow   Cassette   (1.) sec Records   Euro  4,5   

13972   vg   Small Cruel Party - (greek title)   Cassette   Regional Bears   Euro  4   

13973   vg   AMK & WM. Zarate - Embedded   Cassette   Regional Bears   Euro  3   

13974   vg   Furtherset - To Alter And Affect EP   Cassette   Ous   Euro  3   

13975   vg   Xentone - Junk Science Junkyard   Cassette   Degenerta Trifecta   Euro  3   

13976   vg   Earth Universal - Curtains of Silence   Cassette   private   Euro  3   

13977   vg   Jazznoise & Miguel A. Garcia - Suvclatters   Cassette   Plaza Zachodnia   Euro  3   

13978   New   Mrs Dink/Fugue State - split   Cassette   Degenerta Trifecta   Euro  3   

13979   vg   Lärmschutz - Divine Descent   Cassette   private   Euro  3,5   

13980   vg   various Artists - Landscape: islands      Aural Detritus   Euro  3     Joseph Young, Paul Khimasia Morgan, Brambling and Steve Beresford and Blanca Regina   

13981   vg   Plurals - Tri Tone   LP   Silekn Tofu   Euro  6   

13982   vg   Nils Rostad - Uses Instruments Because He Likes The Sounds   LP   Tallerk Platter   Euro  6   

13983   vg   Zonk’t - Banburismus   LP   Sound On Probation   Euro  6

13984       vg  Yan Hart-Lemonnier - Le Coeur Et La Raison LP  Adaadar Euro 5

5. A message from your sponsors

This going to Germany is made possible by two nice gentleman, who drive over with my goodself and your orders. It’s time to support them!

One is Phil from The Legendary Pink Dots I guess no introduction is needed.

The other is Alfred Boland, who has three different Discogs accounts, where you can shop!
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