Korm Plastics was a record label. These days we publish books. About music.
If you have something that you think we should publish, then read this!

our publications...

The Annual 2023
various authors
196 pages, softcover, 21x21 cm

Our first yearbook! Read more

Nul Nul - he Complete Edition
by Frans de Waard & Christian Nijs
184 pages, hardcover A5, compilation CD

All four issues of the Dutch/Belgium industrial culutre magazine Read more

Neumusik - The Complete Edition
by David Elliott
425 pages, softcover, 17x24 cm

All six editions of this UK fanzine, 1979-1982. Read more

Close Your Eyes, You Can Be A Space Captain
by Freek Kinkelaar
148 pages, hardcover, 17x24 cm, with CD

The story of the first ten years of The Legendary Pink Dots. read more

Losing It (or How I Fell Off My Bike)
by Adam Paul Kingdon Morris
340 pages, softcover, 15x21 cm

A novel? We said we wouldn't publish novels. read more

Modelbau - X
by Frans de Waard
100 pages, hardcover, 15x21 cm, with CD

Detailling ten years of Modelbau. read more

I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - Punk In The Netherlands 1976-1982
by Jerry Goossens & Jeroen Vedder
184 pages, softcover, 17x24 cm

The subtitle says it all, but just read more

BOH - de Komplete Uitgaven van de Binnelandse Ontwikkelingshulp
by various authors
280 pages, hardcover, 17x24 cm

reprint of this fanzine from Den Haag, all in Dutch, but with a CD! read more

Het Gejuich Was Massaal
door Jeroen Vedder & Jerry Goossens
126 pagina's, softcover, 21x25 cm

limited reprint. read more

John Balance & Anthony Blokdijk
The Abrahadabra Letters
136 pages, hardcover, A4 sized

Four years of correspondence, 1984-1988 read more

by Freek Kinkelaar
first edition, hard cover, 288 pages

30 years of discovering weird, wild and wonderful music by Freek Kinkelaar read more

De Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus 1983-1987
by Frans de Waard
first edition, hard cover, 304 pages

A reprint of the four catalogues plus 100+ pages of 'source' material. Read more

Vital - The Complete Collection 1987-1995
various authors
first edition, hard cover, 580 pages

A reprint of all 44 issues of Vital, a magazine published by Frans de Waard from 1987 to 1995. read more

Everything But The Reviews - Writing About Music
a book by Frans de Waard
first edition, hard cover, 90 pages

Frans de Waard's collection of liner notes, tour diaries, memories and such. read more

This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label
Staalplaat: Eleven Years Of Distortion In The Independent Music Industry
a book by Frans de Waard
fourth expanded edition, soft cover, 288 pages

This book tells his story about those eleven years, the many high and as many lows of working
for a small independent record label... read more