Ultra Nijmegen 8 March 2012
Korm Plastics kp 3048
CD compilation

Ultra is the Dutch version of No Wave and series of legendary evenings in 1980, which had bands like Mekanik Kommando and Minny Pops playing. In 2012 a small Ultra revival sweeps the country, and on March 8th Extrapool/De Onderbroek hosted one of the evenings. In these two clubs seven bands played: Wieman (the new name for Zebra with guest vocalist Wally Pops from Minny Pops), Bertin, MK12 (a fusion of Vice and Mekanik Kommando), The Dear Listeners, Tandstickfabriek, Distel and Donne & Desiree. From synth pop to ultra harsh guitar improvisation and free jazz improvisation and sound art - this evening was the perfect showcase of all things that Ultra once was. All live recordings.

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Film about this event is here