BOH - de Komplete Uitgaven van de Binnenlandse Ontwikkelingshulp
by various authors
280 pages, hardcover, 17x24 cm

'BOH - De Komplete Uitgaven' is an off-shoot of 'I'm sure' and the previously published 'Abrahadrabra Letters' by Anthony Blokdijk (still available). Blokdijk was a member of a short-lived fanzine from Den Haag, BOH - short for Binnenlandse Ontwikkelings Hulp. The editors were active in various bands, and the fanzine published one compilation, 'Boh Sampler'. The fanzine is all in Dutch, and this book has no translation. Foreword by BOH boss Jos van Vliet and introduction by Wally van Middendorp. Book design by Studio Bertin, CD mastering by N˙land at 4 & Rising. Hardcover, 280 pages, black and white. CD not sold separatly.

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