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Sometime today, is a collaboration between Darren Tate and Paul Bradley. In his own unique and intimate way, Darren recorded the basic tracks at his home in York. Including guitar, keyboard and various other techniques, these recordings were passed onto Paul who took them with him, along with a laptop, on a recent visit to Turkey. These original tracks were supplemented with various field recordings taken around the town of Fethiye and the piece assembled during this three-week visit. Voyeuristic, evocative, abstract and delicate, you are invited to spend some time in their sonic world.

Darren Tate made his name in the group Ora, a floating collective that included Colin Potter, Andrew Chalk and Jonathan Coleclough. More recently he is heard as one half of Monos with Colin Potter and on a growing collection of limited solo release CDRs on his own Fungal Records.

Paul Bradley started out with his first commercial release on ICR and this friendship and partnership has continued over two collaborative CDs with Colin Potter. He has released several solo discs on his own Twenty Hertz label and recently appeared on the Monos release "Landscapes", which then led to the "Sometime Today" collaboration.

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Sometime Today begins with a tiny scraping of objects coupled with a subtle two note melody that recalls later Morton Feldman compositions like For Samual Beckett and even the recent Bernhard Günter homages to Feldman. For stalwart drone scientist Darren Tate of Ora and Monos, here working with Paul Bradley, these references merely introduce a revolving kaleidoscope of timbral interweaving. Gradually, Tate and Bradley's soundfield expands through a web of undulating sinewave feedback tones; in turn, these pure sounds steadily give way to the sustained mantras from a long stringed instrument and bowed metals. Throughout the album, field recordings echo in cathedral reverb and a chorus of looping drones resonates in harmony with the acoustic sounds. Sometime Today is among the best work by either artist.
(Jim Haynes in The Wire 253, march 2005)

Title: Sometime today
Format: CD
Label: Plinkity Plonk
2004 was an incredible year for the Twenty Hertz/ICR partnership, as witnessed by an amazing series of solo and collaborative cds. "Sometime today", released by Beequeen's Plinkity Plonk, closes the circle with the only missing combination, i. e. Darren Tate (Monos, Ora) and Twenty Hertz's own Paul Bradley. A perfect companion to Monos' "Landscapes", "Sometime today" is a lengthy, multi-layered and shifting track where the two UK soundmakers weave the best meditative drone work I heard last year. As expected, sound sources are stringed instruments, electronics and field recordings, in the best Ora/Monos tradition - but once again, what is really astounding is the organic cohesiveness, and the emotional power, of the resulting sound mass. The piece harmonically shifts from an initial blissful suspension to the final startling vehemence of low-end drones and scraping recordings. Not a minute is wasted or redundant. Pure droning bliss.
Review by: Eugenio Maggi <>

On "Sometime Today", Darren Tate and Paul Bradley present a 38 minute long collaboration, which consists of subtly manipulated field recording, mesmerizing drones, and slowly enveloping harmonics. For this release, both Tate and Bradley provided the source material, which was subsequently mixed by Bradley. Beautiful drones slowly descend on what sounds like strings being rubbed and environmental recordings, veiling the other layers and pulling one further into the experience of listening. More layers are added to this initial configuration of elements, which then slowly transits into recordings of city-like sounds, occasional guitar abuse, and more low-end harmonics. Only towards the end things get a little harsher when high-end frequencies are layered on rumbling basses, and develop into a more unsettling score. The recordings have an elegant manner of unfolding, and an intriguing quality due to clever juxtapositions of elements.
(Phospor Magazine)

Two artists who've been making and releasing music before but this is the first thing I'm listening from them. 'Sometime today' can be filed under: late-summer-afternoon-walk-in-the-park drone. It's reminding of a hot weather summer afternoon walk with loved ones in an almost empty park, yellow leaves have falled from the trees, a pond... Inspiring atmosphere and music. Paul Bradley runs the label Twenty Hertz and Darren Tate is a part of the groups Ora and Monos. There's one piece on this release, almost 40 minutes, stretched atmosphere created with guitar, keyboard etc. (courtesy of Darren) and a laptop (courtesy of Paul in the town of Fethiye, Turkey). Paul have added some field recordings in the music, taken while visiting the Orient. Nice, peaceful, relaxing piece, patiently changing in few phases by adding layers of sound. Ok for both close listening or as a background while reading something casually, poetry recommended. (BR) Address:
(Vital Weekly 462)

DARREN TATE/PAUL BRADLEY - Sometime today (Plinkity Plonk)
There must be something in the water over there in the North of England; put any work by one of these magicians under a microscope and you'll never have a clue about sources, treatments, inspirations or influences. In this joint release by Tate and Bradley, you find yourself "in the zone" after a few moments: Darren's field recordings and Paul's electronic transformations strike a perfect balance in an infusion of slowed down drones and human activity that has the power of shutting any extra cerebral activity completely out of your life's picture. There is a strong relationship among the different components of the music that can be distinctly experienced even in the total cohesiveness of some high-impact low frequency evolution: listen to your woofer crying mercy if raising the volume over a medium/low level. I'm sure that - thanks to these sounds - one can change his/her own brainwave emissions because of a total distance from the psychological elaboration of these disguised codes. Summarizing it all, this is another crucial record in the respectable long chain of CDs by both Tate and Bradley: these guys rekindle the dying flames of a spiritual value that quite often I consider as utterly disintegrated.
(Touching Extremes)

Darren Tate/Paul Bradley - Sometime Today (CD Plinkity Plonk)
Darren Tate genera i suoni con chitarra, tastiera e altri strumenti, Paul Bradley filtra il tutto via computer aggiungendovi field recordings dalla Turchia. Variazioni esotiche e morbidamente accoglienti su drone sapientemente modulato e circondato di risonanze, che di tanto in tanti si appiglia alla concretezza di suoni naturali, oggetti percossi, acqua. Ipnotico. (7 out of 10 rating - Blow Up 81)

Die Kollaboration von DARREN TATE & PAUL BRADLEY für den Ambient-Soundscape Sometime Today (plink 019) verlief ähnlich wie bei Tates vergleichbarem Duo Monos zusammen mit Colin Potter, mit dem er auch schon in Ora zusammen spielte und der sich ansonsten seit vielen Jahren als Tonregisseur um die Releases von Nurse With Wound verdient macht. Wie bei 360° (Anoumalous Rec.) oder Nightfall Sunshine (Die Stadt) liefert Tate Basictracks, teils eingespielt mit Gitarre und Keyboards, andernteils Fieldrecordings, die von seinem jeweiligen Partner überformt und atmosphärisch verdichtet werden. Bradley hatte das Material mit in die Türkei genommen und dort in der Nähe von Fethiye auf seinem Laptop weiter verarbeitet. Die Bekanntschaft der beiden hatte Potter vermittelt, auf dessen Label ICR (Integrated Circuit Records) in York Bradley debutiert hatte, gefolgt von zwei Kollaborationen mit Potter und einer Reihe von Veröffentlichungen auf dem eigenen Twenty Hertz-Label. Die in einem Stück dahin fließende Klangwelt von Sometime Today ist über weite Strecken so dröhnminimalistisch und atmosphärisch, dass sich Chillout-Rooms in Zengärten verwandeln könnten. Sanfte Wellen schwingen und schweben hinter der Zirbeldrüse vorbei, von Fröschen umquakt und manchmal bellt ein Hund. Das Weben und Rauschen mischt sich aus metallischem Sirrklang, ganz vagen, entfernten Stimmen, hohlem Gedröhn und Gerappel wie aus einem Tunnel. Nach 27, 28 Minuten setzen stumpfe, wie rückwärts verschluckte Geräusche ein. Die dadurch entstandene Unruhe schlägt sich im Bewusstsein nieder, Umwelt wird zur Traumwelt, durchwispert von elektronischen Geheimnissen. Innen und Außen sind nicht mehr zu unterscheiden. Es ist, als ob man den Traum eines anderen träumen würde.
(Bad Lachemy 46)

Darren Tate Paul Bradley - Sometime Today (Korm Plastics)
Musik die einfach so klingt als wäre man in einem Schlafsack aus Plastik mitten in der Antarktis gelandet und würde sich plötzlich Nebelhornkonzerte einbilden und das schmatzen der Eisbären dazu hören. Klar dass das mehr als nur ein Hörspiel ist, das ist blanke Angst und pure Spannung. So jedenfalls wirkt es auf mich und ist damit eine der besten experimentellen CDs des Monats, die sich sofort in Gefühl und Bilder umsetzt, und unmittelbarkeit ist bei so einer Art von digitalem Sound Experiment ja nicht grade häufig.
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