Richard Chartier/Boca Raton - Kapotte Muziek by...
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The thirteenth installment in this series is the first full length CD in this series, being a split by Richard Chartier and Boca Raton. Their approaches to sound are similar, so it would be a good idea to combine them on a split release.

Richard Chartier (b.1971), sound/installation artist and graphic designer, has created critically acclaimed recordings for labels such as 12k/LINE (USA), Trente Oiseaux (Germany), Spekk (Japan), Mutek_rec (Canada), and Fallt (Ireland), including collaborations with artists Taylor Deupree, William Basinski, COH, and *0 and has appeared on numerous international compilations. His digital minimalist work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, and the act of listening.

Chartier's sound works and sound installations have been presented internationally including at the exhibits Sounding Spaces at ICC (Tokyo, Japan), I Moderni / The Moderns at Castello di Rivoli (Torino, Italy), 2002 Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art (NY), Resynthesis at The Art Institute of Chicago and with the travelling sound exhibit Invisible Cities created by digital media curators Fehler as well as solo and collaborative installations for Fusebox (DC) and Diapason (NY). He has performed his work live across Europe, Japan, and North America at MUTEK (Montreal, Canada), DEAF (Dublin, Ireland), Observatori (Valencia, Spain), Transmediale (Berlin, Germany), Lovebytes (Sheffield, UK), The Leeds International Film Festival (Leeds,UK), The Rotterdam International Film Festival (NE), Garage (Stralsund, Germany) and other noted digital art/music festivals and at exhibits such as Frequenzen [Hz] at the Schirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt) and A Minimal Future? Art as Object 1958-1968 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles). The conceptual performance piece Chessmachine, a multimedia collaborative work by Chartier, Ivan Pavlov and video/installation artists Evelyn Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand recently premiered at the opening event of the 2004 MUTEK festival.

In 2000 he formed the recording label LINE and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists and composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism. The premiere release on LINE, Chartier's Series as awarded Honorable Mention in the category of Digital Music by the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica, 2001 (Austria).

Boca Raton is an ongoing musical project started by Martijn Tellinga (1974, Amsterdam, Netherlands) in 1999. It hovers at the edges of synthesized and concrete-acoustic soundworlds. The abstraction, or rather reflection, of concrete sources through
electronic synthesis and manipulation creates an alias in sound which shares the associative and narrative character of the everyday soundtrack that surrounds us.
By using elements of both worlds, its musical form shows the integration and co-existence of natural - unstaged - sound and its artificially created reflection.

More than relying on melody, harmony and rhythm, these soundworks are constructed
from the fundamental building blocks of music: texture, volume and time-elapse. A composition is made by arranging and re-arranging elements, magnifying their charac-teristics, outlinening tendency and by emphasizing the intrinsic value of the material. As well as displaying an autonomously excisting sonic object, these environments are
as much a carrier for the compositional form and musical gesture.

The first solo-works of Martijn Tellinga have recently been commisioned by labels such as ­ Spekk - (Japan) and ­ Absurd - (Greek). Since September 2003,
he has been studying Sonology at the Royal Conservatory The Hague, Netherlands. In 1999 he started the platform for contemporary electro-acoustic music Stichting Mixer, having organised numerous events and released over 25 titles today.

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website Martijn Tellinga/Boca Raton: http://www.martijntellinga.nl


The latest thirteenth 'Kapotte Muziek by' split CD, where the broken music is being reworked by Richard Chartier and Boca Raton. Chartier takes original recordings of Kapotte Muziek from a concert at Garage Festival, Stralsund, Germany, that happened on August 31, 2004. His part is a 20min quiet piece, a bit monotonous, without much happening or changing. Maybe low-droney track, but maybe too low and hollow. More diversity and adventure comes in with the four tracks by Boca Raton aka Martijn Tellinga. He reworks original recordings from a KM concert at Smart Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 11, 2003. There's something characteristic about Boca Raton's sound here and I'd explain it as dry and sober sound. Going in minimal ambient vs atmospheric microsound (no rhythm) directions, with gentle sensibilities of musique-concrete, electro-acoustics and such... Quite carefully done, no unnecessary things, more on the rational side yet adventurous with few bursty surprises. Boca Raton is working on an album with Freiband that should be out on Cronica sometime in 2005. That should be interesting to hear. (BR)
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The "Kapotte Muziek by.." series features remixes by artists of source material relating to Kapotte Muziek (of which previously mentioned Frans de Waard is also a member). Richard Chartier reworked a recording of a live concert by Kapotte Muziek on his contribution. Not the typical Chartier piece, it reflects an pulsating structure that slowly moves in and out of phase with itself, at times releasing fragments of melody, and gusts of harmony. Chartier's piece has a strange, smog-like hypnotizing behavior, which does not change profoundly throughout the piece, but gradually diverges into loose rhythmic sounds and delicate harmonic layers. A very delicate piece. Boca Raton from the label Stichting Mixer also processed a live concert from Kapotte Muziek, and presents four pieces on this release, the first of which layers thick rumbling basses on high-frequency drones. The material gently bounces back and forth between elements that sound vaguely familiar, and clean, standing waves. Subsequent pieces are quasi-rhythmic, and dynamic, revealing a more fragmented take on Kapotte Muziek's music. Boca Raton does well in creating undefinable aural mechanisms, whichh remain on edge between the figurative and the recognizable.
(Phospor Magazine)

Richard Chartier/Boca Raton - Kapotte Muziek by... (CD Korm Plastics)
Il tredicesimo di una serie di lavori in cui le tracce dell'esteso archivio sonoro di Kapotte Muziek sono rielaborate da musicisti di area minimal-elettronica e sperimentale è uno split tra lo statunitense Richard Chartier e l'olandese Martijn Tellinga aka Boca Raton. Il primo presenta un lungo brano di oltre un quarto d'ora, un insinistre ciclico su una materia sonora dense e austera, composta di masse di corpuscoli che avanzano lentamente. Una prova molto ben riuscita per Chartier, tra l'alternasi di distese astratte e l'emergere di picchi sonori. Diverso l'apporto di Boca Raton, più nervoso e vario tra scivolamenti e drones oltremondani, Meno coeso di Chartier, si fa prendere un po' troppo dai suoni senza mostrare peino controllo su di essi (7 fa Chartier, 6 a Boca Raton) (Blow Up 81)

Die Kapotte Muziek By...-Reihe bringt als N° 13 Kapotte Muziek by RICHARD CHARTIER & BOCA RATON (kp 3019), diesmal als Split, nahegelegt durch die verwandte minimalistischen Ästhetik der beiden Künstler. Der 1971 geborene Amerikaner, der sein eigenes LINE-Label betreibt, aber auch auf Trente Oiseaux, Spekk oder Fällt seine flach knurschenden Soundscapes ausgebreitet hat, fertigte in Washington DC einen 19-minütigen Remix aus Material vom Kapotte Muziek-Auftritt auf dem Garage Festival am 31.8.2004 in Stralsund. Von Horizont bis Horizont vibriert eine dunkle Unruhe, ein dumpfes Rauschen, zu diffus, um als Puls oder Brandung zu wirken. Ein mulmiges, schmutziges Gedröhn wie eine Autobahn oder eine Industrieanlage bei Nacht, wenn alles andere still geworden ist. Das Low-Fi-Lullabye, die Walgesänge, die sich Motoren und Turbinen zusummen. - Der 30-jährige Amsterdamer Martijn Tellinga, Sonologiestudent und Herausgeber der Stichting Mixer-Serie, operiert mit einer Schnittmenge aus konkreten und synthetischen Klängen und versucht dabei, erste und zweite Natur auf einer dritten Ebene zu reflektieren. Seine Bearbeitung eines Kapotte Muziek-Konzertes vom 11.3.2003 im Amsterdamer Smart Space ist das viergeteilte, dadurch facettenreichere "Tables '1 To '4". Auf minimalistische Granulation und knacksendes Pulsieren folgt sandiges, kiesiges Rauschen, dann ein abflauendes Brummen. Dieser dritte Part ist nahezu identisch mit Chartiers Klangwelt, kippt aber um in ein bratzelndes und holperndes Hinundher zwischen den Stereokanälen. Der vierte Abschnitt lässt über einen brummigen Grund schnelles Geflatter huschen, später erst nur weißes Rauschen, dann wird gedämpftes Geklapper wie von Hand mit Schraffuren überzogen, bis sich das Klappern zu einem Chor von Schreibmaschinen oder seltsamen Vögeln steigert. Aber das Ununterscheidbare zwischen ,real' und ,künstlich' löst sich nie zu etwas konkret Identifizierbarem auf.
(Bad Lachemy 46)

Richard Chartier / Boca RAton - Kapotte Muziek (Kormplastics)
Zwei Liveimprovisationen digitaler Disaspora auf dem Weg des Remixes die man am besten hört, wenn einem sowieso alle Gedanken davonfliegen und sich nichts mehr als irgendetwas festes wie Körper oder Worte genehm sind, sondern man nur noch Ohr sein möchte. Spannend und sehr fliessend auf eine Weise die einen wieder mal wirklich in eine Welt katapultiert in der nichts mehr ist was es zu sein schien. Klingt abstrakt ist es auch. Aber gleichzeitig kann es auch viel mehr sein, wenn man sich komplett aufgeben kann.
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