Thurston Moore - Kapotte Muziek by...
CDEP (24 minutes)
Korm Plastics kp 3015

In April 2002, Kapotte Muziek returned to the USA for their second tour (the first one was in 1993), this as a trio of Frans de Waard, Roel Meelkop and Peter Duimelinks. On stop was at the rural city of Easthampton and the audience that night was rather small, but among them were Scott Faust, Gregory Whitehead and Thurston Moore. That particular concert showed Kapotte Muziek in probably their most fluxus element: the process of making music was made audible. The amplification of the opening of the bags, searching out objects to play and from there built the concert was a new, and as of yet, unrepeated, idea. For the 12th part in our series of 'Kapotte Muziek by...' we asked Thurston Moore to expand on this idea and in a totally free setting of piano, guitar and small objects, he recreates the concerts by removing the concert and replacing it by his own playing, where the original recording serves as a score.
Thurston Moore is a well-known improviser, having played with Nels Cline, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Tom Surgal and William Hooker. Besides all of that, he also plays in rockband.

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Number 12 in a series of reworkings of Kapotte Muziek live recordings. In the past composers like RLW, Tietchens, Illusion of Safety, Leif Elggren, a.o. were invited by Kapotte Muziek to rework some of their work. For number 12 Thurston Moore accepted the invitation. So Kapotte Muziek delivered a recording from a concert that took place on april 16th, 2002, at Flywheel, Easthampton. Thurston Moore reworked it two years and a few months later, on a day in june. The result is a 25 minute piece that is offered now by this new Korm Plastics release.
It is not said that the Moore's reworking implies that one way or the other the original sounds of Kapotte Muziek are on this cdr. The invitation gives room to other possibilities as well. The information of Korm Plastics suggests that Moore recreated the concert "by removing the concert and replacing it by its own playing, where the original recording serves as a score". But let us turn from speculation to the actual music on this cd. My overall impression is that it is a one take recording, that sounds like a lo-fi live recording. This contributes to the charm of this release. You can imagine Moore sitting in a room with a guitar, piano and other devices around him, making his meta-music. The noisy excursions end with a tonal and atmospheric piano piece that brings some rest after a day of hard labour. After this epilogue, what is left is the sound of a cassettedeck winding the tape, and the breathing of Moore. Finding some sleep at last? Where the original Kapotte Muziek tapes may have functioned as a score, what Moore created sounds again as a score, this time of a movie that tells the story of a day in the life of a man working alone in his studio on Kapotte Muziek (DM).
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(Vital Weekly 436)

Thurston Moore
Kapotte Muziek By Thurston Moore
Al voor de twaalfde keer laat Frans de Waard zijn Kapotte Muziek herontdekken door bekende en minder bekende namen uit de avant-gardewereld. Dit keer is het de beurt aan Thurston Moore, gitarist bij Sonic Youth, maar dat wist u al. De klankbasis is de registratie van een concert waarin Kapotte Muziek in ware Fluxus-stijl het uitpakken van de objecten en het roffelen met plastieken zakken in de performance opneemt. Moore herwerkt het concert tot vijfentwintig minuten concrete geluiden en gemanipuleerde piano en gitaren. Af en toe schrikken we op van verdwaalde beats, verknipte stemflarden, veldopnames of een toeter. Al deze elementen worden bij elkaar gepuzzeld tot een knap luisterspel dat uitdooft in subtiel vervormde onderlaagjes en melancholische pianoklanken. (www.kormplastics.nl) (pv)
(Gonzo Circus 66)

(MCD Korm Plastics)
Sigla storica del post-industrial europeo generate da Frans de Waard giusto un ventennio fa, Kapotte Muziek hanno affidato loro vario material ad una serie di manipolatori, tra gli ultimi Fennesz, Brinkmann, O'Rourke e, per l'appunto Thurston Moore, per una serie di CD giunta al suo dodicesimo capitolo. Si sa che la fiacca routine con Sonic Youth procura a Moore da tempo quasi più sbadigli che soldi, e costui, sempre in cerca d'evasioni 'colti', si è dunque prestato con entusiasmo al cimento di revisionare i frutti di una performance di stampo 'concrete' dell'oggi trio olandese svoltasi davanti a pochi intiminel 2002. Thurston ha aggiunto un altro po' di rumori, armeggiato con loops, inietato feedback, liberato sirene, lasciato gocciolasse qualche languida nota di piano. Pregiudizi a parte, e fors'anche per la sua brevità, il dischetto si fa ascoltare. (6/7)
(Paula Bertoni in Blow Up 79)

THURSTON MOORE Kapotte Muziek by... (Korm Plastics, KP 3015, mCD): N° 12 dieser von Frans de Waard inszenierten Serie bringt die Reworkingversion, die der Sonic Youth-Gitarrist von einem im April 2002 in Easthampton, MA entstandenen Konzertmitschnitt von Kapotte Muziek anfertigte. Da das Vorher unbekannt bleibt, zählt allein, was Moore, seiner bruitistischen Ader folgend, aus dem Material gemacht hat. Die Kakophonie, die immer wieder abrupt zusticht, aufschrillt, zerrt, vexiert zwischen Gitarrenfeadbacknoise und Keyboarddissonanzen als möglichen Quellen. Man kennt diese harsche, aus Elek-trizität und Alteisen improvisierte Antiästhetik tatsächlich von Liveattacken der Holländer. Manchmal fühle ich mich an alte Möslang-Guhl-, Daniel Menche- oder Haters-Attacken erinnert. Moore scheint diesen industrialen Art-Brut-Krach und auch die Liveatmosphäre eher noch zu forcieren. Permanent wird man vom haptischen Zugriff, den einschlagenden Blitzen durchgeschüttelt oder von einer Sirene alarmiert. Stille ist nicht existent. Selbst in den Atempausen hält ein hohes Grundrauschen den ganzen Raum im Griff. Gegen Ende wird ein verstimmtes Klavier angeschlagen, eine gespenstische Folge verträumter Töne. Am Schluss bleibt lange noch das statische Rauschen und ein schweres Schnaufen.
(Bad Lachemy 45)