Zebra - Live In Leugen
Korm Plastics KP 3037
CD only - Limited to 200 copies
barcode - 7 53907 98972 4

In December 2009 Zebra (Roel Meelkop & Frans de Waard) were invited to play a hommage to Martin Hannett, the legendary producer of Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and Section 25 (to mention Zebra's favorites). This was the start of a long Factory Records weekend in Brussels. Zebra picked their favorite Martin Hannett productions and sprinkled them some further with their extraordinary electronic means to create a groovy, dense slab of music. This album is called 'Live In Leugen'. Leugen is the dutch word for lie, and so the album is a studio production, packed as a 'bootleg', which it isn't. Its a lie (again). Otherwise they are very serious in what they do. This a most sincere hommage to a great producer. Their second CD, following their well-aclaimed release on Symbolic Interaction.

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ZEBRA - LIVE IN LEUGEN (CD by Korm Plastics)
If Dutch project Zebra was an animal at the zoo, I would buy a season ticket to return to it occasionally. First time I established contact with the sound art project Zebra was with "The Black & White Album" released on the prolific Japanese label Symbolic Interaction in 2008. Zebra's release on the Symbolic Interaction-label separated from the generally more ambient and emotional expression from the label's catalogue, thanks to a bizarre combination of abstract sound texture and subtle club-like style on "The Black & White Album". This new album from Zebra takes quite another approach to experimental sound. Behind the Zebra-project, you find two of Holland's finest and most innovative sound explorers, Roel Meelkop and Frans De Waard, who has a long collaboration experience with earlier projects together such as Kapotte Muziek and Goem. Second launch from the Zebra is, as the title suggests, derived from a live concert in a club called Leugen in Brussel in December 2009, but the live recording has been reworked for this release on the Korm Plastics label. As mentioned before, the approach on this album is quite different in comparison to aforementioned "The black and white album". This time the two collaborators puts serious concentration on rhythm textures and they prove a true talent in building beat structures into very catchy levels. Three lengthy pieces all with the exact running time of 12:47 minutes, slowly builds from subtle drones of strange complexity. As time goes by each track let's discreet rhythms fade in until the rhythms becomes the central part of the sound picture. But instead of dwelling in one rhythmic motion, the pieces keep changing so one rhythmic texture saturates the other in quite an impressive pace. As a listener you cannot help but getting sucked gradually more and more into this bizarre freakshow of a beat patterns. I was quite amazed by "The Black And White Album". "Live in Leugen" is a masterful continuation of Zebra and the album will keep circulating in my disc player for quite a while. A first class exercise in sonic abstraction. (NM)
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