The Dear Listeners - Radiostilte
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Robert Deters and Martin Luiten specialise in music that touches, suprises and make you think. Operating under the name ‘the dear listeners’, their musical output is an emotional and rich sound-art, based on interaction and physical presence. Essentially the group name underlines that importance of listening and dialogue when playing and performing their music, investigating what’s hidden under the surface of sound - the areas inbetween pure sound, noise and melodic structures. Whether their soundsculptures are cinematic, tense or hypnotic, the results are always highly concentrated. Robert and Martin have past association with projects such as: 'Vance orchestra'; 'Machinefabriek; 'Girlfriends'; Pick-up and Hitmachine. Labels they've released works with include: 'Important'; 'Low point'; 'EE Tapes'; 'Noctovision'; 'Beta-lactam ring'; 'Drone' and 'Noise Museum'.
Radiostilte is their first official CD release, following a string of 3"CDR releases. Its released an extremely limited edition of 100 copies in a shiny silver cover with magnetic strip to close it.

or in their own words:

When radio silence is maintained in wartime, you know that something important is

Radiostilte ('radio silence') is the first official release of recordings by Dutch duo, The Dear Listeners, and the cd title might well refer to the long gestation period in which they have refined their sound.

Robert Deters, known for his contributions to Vance Orchestra and Machinefabriek, works with loops, field recordings and electronics.
Martin Luiten, has worked with Girlfriends, The Hit Machine, Pick-Up and The Julie Mittens, and plays electronics, sampler and hawaii-guitar.

Radiostilte opens with three tracks that form a kind of suite, realized using a diverse
variety of sound sources. The long closing track is an organic and concentrated work that evolves through shifting layers of mood and music, that is both vibrant and atmospheric.

The artwork for this release is specially designed and handcrafted by Dutch/German
artist, Jasmin Moeller. Inspired by the music, she re-thought the concept of cd packaging from scratch. The sleeve is assembled from metallic cardboard with intaglio embossing, and the artwork is printed by KNUST, Nijmegen.
The whole packaging is held together by a metallic and magnetic strip. A sleeve as organic and physical as the music it contains!

Currently unavailable on CD - Download available through the usual channels

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