Jan Anderzen & Sam Hamilton – Brombron 24: Time Banking
Korm Plastics kp 3053
CD only – 300 copies
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Korm Plastics is proud to present the twenty-fourth release in the Brombron series (missing numbers will follow later this year). Originally a co-production between Staalplaat and Extrapool, it is now hosted by co-curator Frans de Waard. In the year 2000 Frans de Waard and Extrapool started the Brombron project. Two or more musicians become artists in residence in Extrapool, an arts initiative in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with a fully equipped sound recording studio. These artists can work in a certain amount of time on a collaborative project; a project they always wished to do, but didn't have the time or the equipment to realize.

Here we have Jan Anderzen from Finland, who works as Tomutonttu and is the leader of Kemialliset Ystavat. A true artist when it comes to cut, copy, paste and collage with sound (as well as images), cooking up a wonderfully na´ve pastiche of sound. Sam Hamilton is surely the odd ball out in the world of New Zealand’s experimental music. He likes punk, opera, techno and pop and collates them all together in his own unique blend of pop music. Here’s two men who share a strong love of the wicked pop tunes and their twelve pieces are short and to the point. A classic pop record length release, with likewise classic tunes.

Design by Sam Hamilton.

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Two new releases in the ongoing Brombron series. The series registrates the meeting of two artists who in the natural order of things often would never have worked together were it not for the machinations of 'deus ex machina' Frans de Waard in organising a concert and a week in the studio for the artists involved to get acquainted with one another and within this timespan co-create a new edition in the Brombron series. To start with the release by New Zeelander Sam Hamilton - releasing music for about seven years now under his own name, besides creating and organising multi-media events and festivals - and the Fin Jan Anderzen - one of the key-figures in the finnish musical underground with his deeply psychedelic musical heritage in amongst others Kemialisset Ystavat and Tomutonttu, besides being a visual artist (creating the video's to his music himself as well as the covers and packaging for his own and other's releases). Immediate points of contact would be the psychedelic strain that is imbibed within their music together with a tendency for the ecstatic, as well as a history in the visual arts. There is definitely a logic in the coupling of both artists involved, both representing geographically and culturally quite divergent perspectives on the universal phenomenon of shamanism. Still, It is not easy to imagine this collaboration to have evolved out of naturalistic causality, as the resultant work is completely stripped of anything representing the natural order of things. The music is both a highly psychedelic affair ˝ evoking wool-clad aliens wave-surfing the reliefs on the bottom of the Baltic Sea - as well as a coherently structured and balanced work channeling both Baltic and Pacific currents in harmonious patterns of well curved and warm-blooded ambiance. It swirls, it beats, it pops, it echoes, it twinkles, it buzzes - it would make a very long list indeed to describe all the musical events taking place within even a minimal time span. Were this collaboration to be described in terms of two entities impacting one another, this would be a highly viscous affair, with  protuberances from both entities deeply immersing the other's bodies unto each other's gene-patterns. If this sounds like a description of a sexual act, this is just coincidental. But even if Darwinism would never condone it, this is definitely a perfect marriage of two very distinct and prominent musical voices.