Edward Ka-spel - Devascapes
Plinkity Plonk 27
cassette only

Following his 'Trapped In Amber' and his contribution to 'The Year 25 - 25 Years Of Korm Plastics', Edward Ka-spel returns to Plinkity Plonk for a cassette only release. Forty-four minutes of exclusive new material, a showcase of his craftmanship to produce some great instrumental electronic music. Ranging from the refined softness to the supreme loudness, this cassette is a great addition to his catalogue.

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Vital Weekly: EDWARD KA-SPEL - DEVASCAPES (cassette by Plinkity Plonk)
Making music for tapes... will it start again? The tape-scene was huge and international with a lot of collaborations and compilation worldwide. Edward Ka-Spel was so exciting, Frans de Waard told me, about the The Year 25 - 25 Years Of Korm Plastics tape, that he decided to create a new tape. The result is released at Plinkity Plonk and distributed by Korm Plastics. He recorded six tracks with the title Devascape. Edward Ka-Spel used many soundsources like digital and analog synthesizers, broken zither, radio and devices. What I really like about this tape that it has the atmosphere of the period of tape-scene, but is sounds fresh, noisy, doomy and experimental. The tape starts with spacy synthesizersources, dark sounds and develop slowly. Tones and sounds are passing by. Edward Ka-Spel explores his soundpallett in a wide way. Slowly the sounds become more concrete and the sound of a rutting cat integrates in digital sounds with a pulsing rhythms, which reminds me to sounds of Pink Floyd (Into the Machine) and Tangerine Dream. But the tape develops more abstract and noisy in a meditative mood. Side b starts spacy and develops more noisy to dark atmospheres and thrilling melodies. The tape ends in concrete sounds with loops of voices and fire-cracking. This release is great, because of his variety of sounds and how all these sounds are mixed into an abstract collage. How many tapes will follow of the contributors of the 25th anniversary cassette?? I hope a lot... (JKH)