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December 30: Kapotte Muziek will return to the stage following a six year absense and for the first time as a trio since 12 years at KAW in Leverkusen. Also playing ate Aidan Baker, Susana Lopez, and [Multer]

Now available:

The Annual edition 2023

The very first Korm Plastics yearbook, 196 pages, 21×21 cm

“Everything You Never Knew You Were Interested In”. We invited our authors (present and future) to contribute an article, which led to a wildly diverse bunch. From the history of turntablism, a 1985 interview with Roger and Brian Eno, a Groningen punk scene report in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Truus de Groot about her formative years, Kubus Kasssettes, vinyl hunting in Trinidad, the Perversita festival in 1989, concerts that ended in riots, Willem de Ridder’s Radiola Improvisation Salon, Ultra in Eindhoven, Gary Scott meeting Florian Fricke and more. Illustrations by Miss Printed, short articles by Freek Kinkelaar and Frits Jonker, plus a comic by Bertin. 

price: 14 euro

Nul Nul

184 pages, hardcover, full colour, A5 inc CD

Frans de Waard and Christian Nijs published four issues of Nul ul, an industrial culture fanzine in 1985 and 1986. Painstakingly translated and in (almost) the same layout as the original, this is now the first document of industrial music in The Netherlands and Belgium of that time. The CD has music by Kapotte Muziek, Odal, Factor 6, THU20, Zombies Under Stress, Het Zweet, Joe the Prang’d, Administratief Management, The Dwarf Farm, Clinique Lutetia, EXperiment Incest, Heer Peejee, Sluagh Ghairm (pre-PWOG), Zweiter Korps, Mailcop, Ilo Istatov, Prilius Lacus, Dikyl Brobojo, Kanker Kommando, Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble, Vidna Obmana and A Violated Body. A remarkable varied bunch (and not a single note played by Frans de Waard on any of these tracks)

price: 25 euro

Modelbau – Extricate

CD only – 100 copies

Sublime Retreat

price: 10 euro

still available:

Illusion Of Safety – Pastoral

CD only – 200 copies

Korm Plastics

While Korm Plastics publishes books these days, this is a surprise CD only release. We sent him this demo in 2011 & we all forgot about it. Pastoral is a welcome edition to the catalog showcasing a less aggressive stance from the project, a more organic subdued presentation, sounds to make a clearing, & open space. The recordings history is a bit blurred now but it is very likely tracks 1, 2, 3, & 5 are Kurt Griesch and Daniel Burke, post 1995 tour work. Track 4 uses an instance of Reaktor 5 VCS-3 software emulation.

Price: 11 euro

Modelbau – Insomniac’s Dream

cassette: 8 euro

recordings from 2018

Shifts – What Remains

recordings from the Shifts catalogue, late 90s, early 00s

price 7 euro

3 copies left of this one:

Modelbau – Fading, cassette by Important Drone Records

3″ CDR for Maneki Neko

Spalt-ung 10″ lathe cut 

CDR for Licht-ung

Kapotte Muziek – Discon CD (Krim Kram Records)

Modelbau – LP for Love Earth Music

Labels wanted!

Pick-up – Einder (final recordings from 2010)

WaSm – Drie CDR /CD

Fabio Orsi & Sindre Bjerga & Frans de Waard

Yes, more books, second hand books. I am in need of some space in my very small apartment, so I am selling some books

4. Rare items

I have a few rare or expensive items that I want to sell outside Discogs

Jim O’Rourke – Use (DAT)

200 euro

Nocturnal Emmisions – Holy Of Holies (DAT)

100 euro

People Like Us – It’s Terrific (DAT)

not even Discogs

150 euro

Sutcliffe Jugend – Volume 1 – Campaign 1979-2000 (10 LP plus XL shirt)

210 euro

Sutcliffe Jugend – Volume 2 – Campaign 2007-2020 (10 LP plus XL shirt)

210 euro

5.  and finally, this months items:

15868, Aether, same, 6, Over Dub Recordings, CD, Experimental, New, 

15874, Alex Lubet, Songs In Time Of Plague, 6, Neuma, CD, Experimental, New, 

15867, Brutter , Outta , 6, Susanna Sonata, CD, Experimental, New, digipack slightly damaged

15869, Carl 666 Gustaf, same, 6, Thanatosis, CD, Experimental, New, 

15872, Collin J Rae/Red Gnein Sextet, Pandemia, 6, Neuma, CD, Experimental, New, 

15878, Dan Of Earth, SPPY, 4, private, miniCDR, Experimental, New, with comic book

15861, David Jackman, Sekihi Oidori, 16, Siren, CD, Experimental, New, 

15860, Degoya, Rayela, 6, Liburia, CD, Experimental, New, 

15858, E. Hurtado, 20.20, 4, Repetidor, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15877, Eloine & Ypsmael/Coims, split, 3,4, Eh?, Cassette, Experimental, New, 

15864, Emerald Suspension, Sounds Tp hear Alone, 4, Oscillation, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15876, Gonzales McGee, No Signal, 4, Hal tapes, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15862, Homogenized Terrestrials, Vibrations Recovered From Tesla' Apartment, 4, Somnimage, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15865, Ian Williams, Slow Morion Apocalypse, 4, Slaughterback, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15879, James Worse/Chester Winowiecki, split, 3, bvlv, Cassette, Experimental, New, 

15873, Jean-Philippe Antoine, Moi Qui Fais Profession, 6, Firework Edition, CD, Experimental, New, 

15859, Klaus Janek & Jeff Surak, Delphi, 4, Coherent States, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15853, Louis Dufort, Intro The Forest, 6, Empreintes Digitales, CD, Experimental, New, 

15854, Marie-Leanne Wyckmans, Trajectories, 6, Empreintes Digitales, CD, Experimental, New, 

15848, Miguel A. Garcia & Mikel Vega, Explets, 4, Crystal Mine, Cassette, Experimental, New, 

15875, Observatories , Our Recently Acquired Knowlegde, 25, Ikki Books, LP, Experimental, New, Including photobook

15863, Philip Sanderson, Underneath The Underneath, 6, Klang Galerie, CD, Experimental, New, 

15855, Roxanne Turcotte, Reverberes, 6, Empreintes Digitales, CD, Experimental, New, 

15880, Sokushinbutsu Project, The Y kai Codex, 4, Industrial …locaust Recordings, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15871, Songs For Kraken, Urto, 6, Slowth Records, CD, Experimental, New, 

15870, The Green Kingdom, Ether Hymns, 6, Dronarium, CD, Experimental, New, 

15856, The Phlod-Nar, Nite, 4, Temonos, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15857, The Phlod-Nar, Lite, 4, Temonos, CDR, Experimental, New, 

15866, Various, Lisboa Soa, 6, Cronica Electronica, CD, Experimental, New, with Joao Castro Pinto, Sara Pinheiro, Mestre Andre and Anaa Guede

15881, Various, Anthropocene Tresholds (how much space waits between those noises), 4, In Ex, Experimental, New, 

15852, Voland, Innenraum, 3,5, Amek, Cassette, Experimental, New,

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