In order to make some space I am selling a few books. Many of these I bought second hand, some new. Send an email to if you want order or know more

English language:

Derek Bailey – Improvisation (Da Capo Press, 1992, softcover). 20 euro

Mike Goldsmith – Discord, the story of noise (Oxford University Press, 2012, 314 pages, hardcover) 15 euro

John Warburton with Shaun Ryder – Hallelujah – The extraordinary life of Shaun Ryder and Happy Mondays (Virgin Books, 244 pages, softcover) good looking copy, with some stains on top. 5 euro

Shaun Ryder – Twisting My Melon, the autobiography (Transworld Publishers, 410 pages, soft cover) good looking copy 7,50 euro

John Robb – The Stone Roses and the resurrection of British Pop (Ebury Press, 395 pages, soft cover) good looking copy 7,50 euro

Bez – Freaky Dancing, me and the Mondays (Pan Books, 335 pages, soft cover) good looking copy, with minor bend on the right upper corner 7,50 euro

Greil Marcus – Lipstick Traces (Martin Secker & Warburg Limited, 496 pages, soft cover) good looking copy with minor damages 12,50 euro

For The Record – conversations with people who have shaped the way we listen to music (Red Bull Music Academy, 396 pages, hardcover) good looking copy, heavy one! 10 euro

The Geologic Imagniation (Somic Acts, 331 pages, softcover, with USB device with musc by BJ Nilsen) great copy 40 euro

John Lydon – No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs (Plexus Publishing, 330 pages, soft cover) some damge to front cover, otherwise fine 15 euro

John Lydon – Stories Of Johnny (Chrome Dreams, 316 pages, soft cover) stains on the sids, otherwise fine looking copy 10 euro

Hugh Cornwell – A Multitude Of Sins, the autobiography (Harper Collins, 304 pages, hardcover) good looking copy. 35 euro

Ben Myers – John Lydon, sex pistols, Pil & Anti-celebrity (Independent Music Press, 255 pages, softcover) damage to front, otherwise clean 8,50 euro

David Laurie – Dare, how Bowie & Kraftwerk inspired the death of rock ‘n roll & invented modern music (private, 284 pages, soft cover, signed ‘to frans’) minor damage 20 euro

GX Jupitter-Larsen – Raw Zed & The Condor (Bloodprint Press, 153 pages, softcover) a bit discoloured 65 euro

Leigh Landy – Whats The Matter with today’s experimental music (Harwood academic publishers, 305 pages, softcover) good looking copy 50 euro

Warhol/Beuys/Polke (Milwaukee Art Musuem, 120 pages, soft cover) good looking copy 40 euro

Pedro Tudela & Miguel Carvalhais – Installations (Cronica, 140 pages, soft cover) 10 euro

Books in Dutch

Serge Gainsbourg – Jevgeni Sokolov (Sea Urchin Editions, 75 pages, softcover) good looking copy 12,50 euro

Andre Breton – Magnetische Velden (Sea Urchin Editions, 119 pages, softcover) good looking copy 25 euro (rare)

Pier Paolo Pasolini – Van Een Ding Dromen (Sea Urchin Editions, 228 pages, softcover) good looking copy 12,50 euro

Henri Michaux – Roerige Nacht (Sea Urchin Editions, 132 pages, softcover) good looking copy 8,50 euro

Louis Andriessen – Gestolen Tijd (Querido’s Uitgevery, 357 pages, softcover) bit damaged 12,50 euro

Har van Fulpen – John Lennon (Loeb, 78 pages, softcover) 1980 4 euro

Charles Neil – Tape Delay: Confessions from the Eighties Underground (SAF publishing)

Research No. 8/9: J.G. Ballard Paperback

Not looking to pay the big prices on these