We love to read your words!

Korm Plastics is looking for words, texts, ideas, and manuscripts to publish in book form. If you take a look at what we’ve done so far, you’ll have an idea as to what we’re looking for. Maybe you have something that fits our catalogue?

Let’s be specific about what to send and what not.

1. We would love to reprint old fanzines, complete or highlights, preferably with scans of the original pages. Fanzines should be in the English language, but if you’ve already translated your non-English fanzine, great!

2. We would love to publish a series of pocket-sized books, 100–125 pages (30,000–40,000 words) in a series we may call‘Unpopular Culture’, which should be about one subject: a great album (maybe you’ve got a stunning manuscript that 33 1/3 didn’t want?), a group, a musician, a record label, music scene or music film (hence the series being called‘Unpopular Culture’ and not‘Unpopular Music’).

3. Perhaps you have a collection of articles on music, musicians or groups? Yes, please, bring it on. We aren’t looking for a bunch of articles explaining the nature of sound in gibberish. We aren’t that clever. There is no doubt an academic publisher out there who could help you (and provide us with a dictionary to help us understand it) 

4. We would love to publish new books about music, bands, etc.

5. Maybe you’ve already published a book that’s been out of print for a while; perhaps we can help with a new edition?

6. Your autobiography? Oh come on, don’t flatter yourself. (You can always try, of course.)

7. We are NOT looking for fiction (not even about music), poetry, novels about real musicians, artist books, photo books, or CD projects that happen to be inside a book with poetry, photos, etc., or academic papers on stuff we simply don’t understand. We aren’t that clever. Did I already mention that?

8. All our books will be in English.

Send your manuscripts or ideas over and we’ll read them. If we like it, let’s talk! We being Frans de Waard (ventriloquist), Mark Poysden (wordsmith) and Alfred Boland (20/20 vision), plus there is a small cast of critical co-readers on standby for advice.