by Frans de Waard & Christian Nijs
184 pages, hardcover A5, compilation CD

Nul Nul – The Complete Edition
Hardcover, 184 pages, full colour, A5 sized, with CD compilation

In October 1984, Frans de Waard started his Korm Plastics label and his music project Kapotte Muziek. Shortly after, a fellow student, Christian Nijs, joined him as a musical partner. They quickly released a few cassettes and contributed to international compilations, and Nijs started a short-lived label, Disabuse Transmissions. In the summer of 1985, they published the first issue of Nul Nul, a fanzine, to promote their projects and to support the industrial music scene in The Netherlands and Belgium. They published four issues. The lack of enthusiasm of readers, the financial struggle and the Nijs leaving Kapotte Muziek meant the end of Nul Nul, and De Waard started shortly after Vital (1987-1995), which is already published in book form by Korm Plastics.

These four issues are a testament to the creative times that were the 1980s, cut ‘n paste, and the strange, curious language we used when we were younger. Mark Posyden and Frans de Waard painstakingly translated all the texts (and went slightly insane doing it, as some of the original writing was pure gobbledygook), and Studio Bertin made a design that is ‘almost’ like the original, making this book a true beauty.

Along with this book comes a 24-track compilation CD by bands discussed within the pages of Nul Nul. It is very well possible this is the first time industrial music from The Netherlands and Belgium is collected on a CD, and it comes with many musical approaches, from pure noise to minimal synth. The bands are Kapotte Muziek (with a rare solo piece by Christian Nijs), Odal, Zombies Under Stress, Factor 6 (Christian Nijs’s solo project), Narzisse, Jacinthebox, Het Zweet (of which in recent years various works have been re-issued), THU20, Joe the Prang’d, Administratief Management, The Dwarf Farm, Clinique Lutetia, Experiment Incest, Heer Peejee, Sluagh Ghairm (pre Psychic Warriors Of Gaia), Zweiter Korps, Mailcop (Roel Meelkop’s earlier project), Ilo Istatov (from O.R.D.U.C.), Prilius Lacus, Dikyl Brobojo, Kanker Kommando, Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble, Vidna Obmana (from his early noise days), and A Violated Body; from totally unknown bands to still going strong ones, such as Kapotte Muziek and THU20.

Listen to the music here

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